Sunday, March 14, 2010

I've Got to Say

Woke up feeling a bit guilty because my clock on my phone read: 11:15. Funny. I set my alarm for 8. I did. So, I prayed. I sure hope none of my blog reader followers sends me one of these clocks soon :)

But what I've Got to Say is that Friday and Saturday night at the Extraordinary Women's Conference in Austin with Ashley Snell and Stephanie Helm changed my life. If you have never been to one of these conferences we are all going together next year. It was an intimate time of worship, Biblical teaching, laughter, tears, healing, praying, hugging, loving, and coffee (their white chocolate mocha with low fat milk was the best I've EVER had). It was a calling to peace, surrender, honesty, and opening up.
I arrived at the conference on Friday night with a huge knot in my neck and right shoulder that had been there since the week before (stress) and arrived home last night feeling free. Free of stress. Free of worry. Free of fear. And free in my friendships with Ashley and Stephanie.
On Saturday, Angela Thomas talked to us about how we can go to the store and buy bits of peace. We can get a pedicure and get 30 minutes of peace or a massage and get an hour of peace but we are always going to be left with stress if we don't go to the Lord for peace.
I'm a changed woman. I woke up loving me for the first time in about, well a while and I'm not dragging those "i can't compare" chains around any longer. Thank you Ashley for inviting me. It might have been the best $49 I have ever spent.


  1. AH, MAN! I am soo sorry I missed it. Like I said in my post about you, I have seen many changes and growth inside of you in the last several months. I am very happy and proud of you, Jenny. I LOVE YOU, SO VERY MUCH!!!!!

  2. I'm so glad you accepted the invitation. It was a fabulous and freedom releasing time! I feel so blessed to have you in my life. The conference was the best ever! Thank you for allowing me to open up without judgement and I am glad you were able to do the same! You are a dear dear friend and I love you!

  3. That sounds like a really neat retreat.