Tuesday, December 1, 2009

There's No Crying in __________!!

We have all heard the line, "There's no crying in baseball!" however there is crying in INSANITY!
Yesterday we started our last 4 weeks in the INSANITY program and I am seriously considering starting over. Yesterday's workout I completed with exhaustion and today's, I flat out telling the truth cried my eyes out at one point. I am finding every push-up sequence very difficult which is making me think it might be smart to start from the beginning, master the push-up, and then 4 weeks from now I might be ready for phase 2. Thoughts? I am waiting to hear back from my Beachbody coach and will let you know what she suggests. I love the program and am committed to completing it. I may just need to start from the beginning to get the best results. Thanks for all of your encouragement as I try to "bring it" every day!

"Girl, this is where it gets mental...and to be honest, you are going to have days like that. It's VERY VERY VERY important that you are eating and fueling properly before your workout because it's so easy to hit that wall with this workout. What you are describing is NOT unusual with this program. I am going to be honest... Push ups have always been and will ALWAYS be my challenge .... so don't beat yourself up!

So.. here's what you do....

You keep going... you do YOUR personal best for that day... some days you feel like you can kick anyone's @ss and the next, you don't feel like you could get out of a wet paper bag... that's normal!

You keep going and do your best.... know you'll have your down days, you're not going to be able to do every set perfect... but that's not what it's about anyway... I promise you that. :)"



  1. I'm going to have to look this workout up. It sounds interesting but insane all at the same time. (Love the new blog layout.)

  2. Thanks Julie! I like the new layout too :) The first month of the program I felt really strong..now..only time will tell :) You should definitely give it a try!