Wednesday, November 25, 2009


So, most of you know I graduated from Texas State University in San Marcos (Formally knows as Southwest Texas State University..which I am reminded of every single time someone asks me where I went to college). If you know anything about the good ol' eat 'em up cats you know that that means we cheer for the Longhorns of the University of Texas in Austin. This is one of the main traditions I remember having, since I grew up in a home with parents who went to college at formally called Southwest Texas State University. Cool. I know. When I first started attending classes there in the spring of 2003 (I survived one semester at SFA and decided that Bobcats are WAY cooler than Lumberjacks) it was perfectly normal for freshman-seniors to wear Longhorn apparel to every class and skip bobcat games in hopes that one of their super top 10%er high school friends would have a student pass to the longhorn game..thank you very much Aaron Colyer. So you can only guess what my highlight of turkey day is :) Hook 'em Horns.
A much newer tradition (now that I am married) is that we have thanksgiving dinner (lunch) with Kyle's pretty much whole family in Buda at my inlaws. I LOVE this tradition because of Carol's award winning coffee bar with every creamer you can dream of. It's true. Tomorrow afternoon we will head to my dads, sit down with my bobcat dad, and cheer for UT like we are kin to Colt McCoy, and LOVE IT!!
Eat 'em up! Hook 'em! Happy thanksgiving! I am looking forward to many new traditions along the way. I think next year we should all do the Turkey Trot.

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  1. That is awesome the way you watch the UT game with your family!!! Have a Wonderful and Blessed Thanksgiving. **LOVE YOU**