Thursday, July 23, 2009

Day 3

Around Noon: Praise the Lord! I slept through the night! Almost 12 hours of sleeping! I am feeling a bit better today but still have a slight fever and achy body. More soup it is. 

PS: I'm bored 

2:40 P.M. Dani came by wearing one of the blue masks you see in the basket above (well she wasn't wearing one of the ones in my basket but she h
ad the same one on). I cried. I now have 2 magazines to read, chips to eat, word puzzles, pretty Kleenex, kiwi smelling candles, germ-x, ibuprofen, masks to wear, and a very pretty basket!
Okay really...I am blessed and humbled. 

3:20 Jenny H sends me a text that reads, "Porch Now" and awaiting me is a picnic basket with a note that reads, "A Picnic for you--Love You- Please enjoy!" I have MORE Lime chips (don't worry I reallllly love these and will eat them), sour patch kids, chocolate drizzle indulgent snack mix, kleenex, 2 books, and beside the basket was a SNOW CONE!!!!!! I cried again. I'm gonna need a nap after all of this excitement. 

Wow! I dont even have time to think about not feeling good today. 


  1. Yay, you got your chips :) Woohooo!

  2. yay!! did you happen to read the letter that was in the basket?

  3. So glad you are blessed. I Prayed God would bless your day & shine on you! Look! He did! :)

    Love you

  4. Dani,

    I did read the letter! I love it and laughed!!! Where did you find that?

  5. I read somewhere to make a certificate ordering someone to get better. So I went all out and looked up some official judge document and kinda made it up from there. I hope it took your mind off your pain for a few moments. :)