Tuesday, July 21, 2009

House Arrest

I have H1N1 Flu. The Dr couldn't say if it is Swine or not because they no longer have to send positive tests to wherever they used to send positives tests from our state however H1Ni is in fact Swine. I am to stay at home for 5 to 7 days and not leave (so reading my blogs might get boring for you). I think I should document exactly how I feel throughout. Just so you know! I made fun of people who went and got checked for swine flu. I'll admit it and now I have it. 

I feel terrible because my symptoms started RIGHT after I returned from spending a 4 day vacation with 16 family members. 

Got home from beach on Saturday at 7:15

Sunday: Had lunch at Hula Hut with the Childresses to celebrate Kyle's 30th birthday with them. Got home around 4 and started feeling bad. Got into bed and rested the rest of the day/night.

Monday: I wake up feeling achy all over, coughing up a storm, and pack to get ready to go to Houston to take care of my HUGE traffic fine at court (my mom had to take me). Kyle had to go on to Beaumont for a meeting. Get back to my moms after court at around 8:30 PM she cannot find her thermometer because she is still unpacking but I am burning up, coughing, and blowing my nose like crazy.

Tuesday: I wake up feeling achy all over. My eyes are drippy, my nose is runny, and I lay in my moms bed and watch, Good Morning America, Regis and Kelly, and The View. Drink coffee, have no appetite and cannot finish my protein bar. On the road by 2 because I can't wait much longer to go to the doctor. I make Kyle stop at McDonald's in Columbus for a 6 piece chicken nugget. We make it to the Kyle HEB Plus Rediclinic at 4:45 and I get right in. They stuck this ridiculously long q-tip looking thing up my nose and in a few short minutes I am diagnosed. 

Now I am home and praying that my husband will say that we can finally become cable TV users and order me some Time Warner. We have NO TV, im out of books, and the only thing left to do is blog or facebook. I guess you can Skype me if you want. RunnerJD. 


  1. Oh, honey. I am soooo sorry. I pray for quick recovery. Do you want to "rent" some movies from us? If there anything I can do, please do not hesitate to let us know. LOVE YOU!!! (virtual)***HUGS***

  2. Oh man Jenny. When I saw on FB that you had the flu I figured it was Swine. It's still going around the entire country actually. And since this isn't flu season- it's safe to assume that it's the Swine Flu. Get better soon- it sounds awful.

  3. i would like to say that it is better you got this coming home from your fantastic vacation rather than while on it...always looking at the positive!! I love and hope you feel better soon!!