Friday, July 24, 2009

Day 4

Last night was the worst night yet. I woke up at around 4:30 with horrible chills and an achy body. I took more Ibuprofen and went back to bed. Around 8:30 AM I awoke feeling more rested and started my day with a hot bath. I was napping on the couch 3 hours later with Trisha and Becca Taylor arrived with soup and blue Powerade. THANK YOU! 

Today is the first day that I have felt a bit nauseous. I have been napping a lot. When I woke up from one of my naps on the couch both of my cats were curled up at my feet. I think they are happy that I am stuck at home! Love bugs! I love that Stetson sleeps with his front legs straight out..haha!

My sister-in-law Kelly Paige Childress called this afternoon and told me that she had NO idea how sick I am until she read my blog. I'm glad I decided to post :) Love you!
Its 6:15 in the evening now and I just got finished putting my beautiful flowers from Crystal Gelber in a vase. She delivered a beautiful care package with orange juice, brownies, 100 calorie right bites, Theraflu, card, bubble bath, and Powerade

My friends have blessed me and because of this I am feeling pretty good this evening. Your kind words, texts, prayers, gifts, love, encouragement, and friendship have brought on a new day for me. I'm not getting ahead of myself because night time has been the worst for me but I think I am actually on the road to recovery now! Thank yall very much!!!


  1. I pray that you feel better quickly!!! You are LOVED!! Not only by your hubby but by your friends and family; And our Lord. He knows His child is ill. He has been there, right next to you, the entire time. He IS holding you and cradling you. He comforts and heels.

    LOVE YOU!!!!!!!

  2. 3 gift baskets?! This is getting crazy! Thinking of you...

  3. Jenny, you seem SO SICK!! I had no idea this type of flu did this- you poor thing. Wish I could be there to help nurse ya back to health- I could be your personal nurse- we'd have a blast!! Get better soon- I'm praying for it to be so-

    Love Lauren