Friday, May 1, 2009

Lu Lu Childress

Lucchese is our new now 7 month old kitten. She is so so sweet and sleeps on my side of the bed with me. We named her Lucchese after my favorite pair of boots and because her brothers name is Stetson. The two of them like each other for the most part :) We call her Lu Lu and I am so glad that we have her! 

AND Yes..I am once again a Blondie and I promise that this will be the color for a while. i think I have had almost every color of hair this year. Ha!

On another note: Lu Lu and I would like to congratulate Nocona Koenig for earning her first Mary Kay car. We are praying for Nocona as sbe keeps on keepin' on towards the pink Caddi

Hope yall have a great weekend!!!



  1. Love the hair color. And I second those alloclades to Nocona! Woohoo-directorship here you come!

  2. I love your hair! It is the perfect shade of blond for you and the cut is really cute. Thanks for the congrats. I blogged about the story of how we did it.

  3. Congrats on the new cat, LuLu! Blonde suits you. I think it is your "natural" look. You have the great eyes and skin color for it. :)

  4. I nominated you for an award, check out my blog!

  5. Hi! I found your blog from FOURSONS! I just ran my first half marathon last fall! Stop over and check out my blog!