Friday, May 8, 2009

Forgotten Friday?

I just got called "Pebbles" over FaceBook. I had COMPLETELY forgotten about this nickname I was given over 10 years ago. I began my first summer job at age 15 in the summer of 1999 at Schlitterbahn Water Park. I was a S.W.A.T. and that title stood for SANITATION, WASTES, AND TUBES. Don't forget about the tubes. All I did that summer (for $4.75 and hour) was change trash can liners, roll tubes to their designated area (because guests at Schlitterbahn thought that the tube drop offs were where ever they thought convenient) and take lifeguards cup after cup of water. So, my first day at the job my lead (or first boss ever) Cherif Gacis was in section 3 (yes I remember). He was very nice and funny and we are still friends today. He started calling me Pebbles because I wore my pony tail realllllly high and was always laughing. I have pretty fond memories of working at Schlitterbahn but I had forgotten this name until he said "have a good day Pebbles" after a chat on FB. I think I will wear a pony tail today in honor of America's number one water park...still. 

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  1. Good ol times back then each summer!!