Friday, February 6, 2009

Running Partner

That's Sara. The one with the white band around her head. It's also the first race that I ran in back in October and where I met her. I think it's amazing that I met her at my very first race in the Austin Distance Challenge and now we have become great friends. Sara is HILARIOUS and makes running for hours a breeze *cough* *cough* not really but she sure makes it fun. She is a believer in Christ and we ran many races with the thought of finishing in time to make it to church. I NEVER made it to church after a race but Sara went each time. Sara sent me this text message today, "hey girl, i am flying home tomorrow. My grandmother is in the hospital and the doctors don't think she will make it through the weekend. Hopefully I will be back for the marathon" WHAT?? No!! You MUST make it back for the marathon! What will I do??? Was my very first thought. Then I knew that I must quit thinking about myself and how LONG of a run 26.2 miles would/will be without Sara but I am BELIEVING GOD for a miracle! So I am asking my friends and readers of this blog to please pray for Sara and her grandmother and her whole family. I ask that you would pray that the marathon would not be Sara's focus but that she will enjoy the time with her family back home. Sara has encouraged me through so many miles with her inspiring cheerful spirit and I know that she will be a blessing to her family during this time too! 
Thank you Sara! You are wonderful!!!

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