Friday, February 27, 2009

Hot Mess

I was reminded tonight that I do indeed have curly hair. I was told that I hadn't worn my hair curly in over 2 months and I guess that's true since I got my bangs cut before Christmas and haven't worn in curly since. Right when I got home I showered and let my hair dry curly. It feels so good and free! WHEW..its way easier to just be how the Lord made me. Even though my husband said my hair looks like a, "hot mess" at least the word "hot" was involved ;) 
I guess this look suits the piles of paper STILL atop my table and the loads and loads of laundry that I must do tomorrow (after that last pedicure I have been planning since before I started and completed that marathon). 
Hot Mess...YEP! I'm gonna go ahead and own that! 

Good night!!!

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