Monday, September 1, 2008


Let there be no condemnation
For all who are fully known in Christ
Unspeakable grace for all the nations
By way of holy sacrifice
We worship with the sound
Of broken shackles
Falling to the ground

I have been set free
Grace divine
Has swept me off my feet

No greater love has ever been known
Than He who came to find the lost
No greater sacrifice has been shown
Than He who laid upon the cross

Let all creation sing
For HE has come
and He's changed everything!!!

I have been set free
Grace divine
Has swept me off my feet

And I know that I will never be the same

Sanctify 'sa ng (k)te fi' verb (-fies, -fied) (trans). set apart as or declare holy; consecrate: a small Christian shrine was built to sanctify the site. (often be sanctified) make legitimate or binding by religious sanction: they see their love sanctified by the sacrament of marriage. free from sin; purify. (often by sanctified) figurative give the appearance of being right or good; legitimize: they looked to loyalty to sanctify their cause. 

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  1. Oh, Jenny...I love that you have the definition of sanctify..