Saturday, September 13, 2008

A Night of Ike

My mom's whole side of the family lives in Houston. None of them decided to evacuate. All are safe this morning! (almost afternoon). WHOO HOO!! I was up until 2 A M watching KHOU on television to see what was happening to my family. I was hoping we would at least get some rain out of Ike but it seems that he has only brought wind to Austin thus far! It makes me so ready for cooler weather! Thank you Ike for rubbing it in. 

I am so glad that everyone is safe! Now I am off for a run in the wind around my apartment. Can't Wait!

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  1. I'm like that too, I have so many live in Houston. I've been so worried. The news is always on at my house; it's so weird seeing places I grew up under watter. It's really scary. Especially since my best friend's house might have water in it, and there is a tree on there house or garage (luckily they came here instead of staying in Houston!). Keep that family in your prayers.