Monday, November 12, 2012

Spirit Fest 2012

On Wednesday I found out that I was one of the winners for this contest! We were wanting to go but all of our babysitters had plans for the day so we had settled on the fact that we just weren't going. When we found out that I won we decided Kennedy would get to enjoy her first concert. Since this event starts at noon and ends around 9:45pm I knew it would be a long day and secretly I was dreading taking her. 

Kennedy at her first concert with daddy. 

Pictures are out of order but I read this when I got home and praise the Lord that He works out all of the details. Matthew 6

Kennedy and I went out to the car at 1pm for her nap and she TOOK HER NAP! I knew that if she didn't sleep during her nap time she would be cranky but she got her full nap in in the car! AMAZING!
Back at the concert!

Switchfoot was great! Britt Nicole was better! Jeremy Camp was great and Mercy Me was amazing. I was not impressed with David that okay? 
Kennedy praying! My dear soul I love this girl!

Family photo! 

This girl simply amazed me! Not a tear was shed! NOT A ONE! She danced, clapped, sang, ate a hot dog, waved at people around us, talked to people around us, laughed. She is pure joy and the sweetest blessing! At one point she said, "RUN!" so she held my hand and we went for about a 30 minute walk all around Dell Diamond. If you ever have a chance to attend spirit fest YOU SHOULD! It was the most fun day for our little family! Thank you KVUE for the tickets!

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