Friday, October 19, 2012


October has been a whirlwind! How is there less than 2 weeks remaining? November will be here before we know it and then it will be Christmas! I love this time of year so very much! I am looking forward to every little thing that is coming our way but I must say that I am rather enjoying the here and now right now as well. Tonight Kennedy is spending the night at her grandparents house and it is amazing what all a mommy can get accomplished without the busy hands of a toddler undoing everything that is done. I have vacuumed, mopped, finished AND put away all laundry, fresh sheets on beds, cleaned stove top, started dishwasher, cleaned bathrooms, organized business receipts...whew. Now I am relaxing with my late night cup of coffee and listening to some Explosions in the Sky: Your Hand in Mine

"Be still and know that I am god!" Psalm 46:10 Is the verse that comes to me when I listen to that song. Do yourself a favor and listen to it and close your eyes for 8 minutes. 


I hope that this weekend blesses you to the utmost! 

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