Saturday, October 27, 2012

21 Months & 1st Ear Infection

Yesterday Kennedy celebrated her 21 month birthday with the sniffles and a cough that woke her several times during the night. Today she woke up from her nap with goopy red eyes and was also tugging on her ear. A trip to the after hours clinic confirmed an ear infection and pinkeye for our angel gir. Her favorite thing to watch right now is Pinocchio which is, "nocchio" and through tears she requested we watch that this evening. We all snuggled up with some goldfish crackers and cuddled but every time she would cough she would cry. Poor little thing! She has been fast asleep since 8:30 and I pray she gets good rest tonight.

We love you so much Kennedy Kate!


  1. Poor Kennedy!!! She always seems in good spirits no matter what. What an angel. I pray she heals quickly and both mommy and KK gets good nights rest. LOVE.

  2. Poor baby. All my kids had allergies from the beginning. Even though my doctor said they could not have it so early....Yeah right! The best things I found when they had the yuck was 1. Simply Saline, it is the best of the salines out there because it is aerosol so it is quick and easy, and you cannot overdose on it or give too much. With Miller I had to squeegie but not with the others. The other thing was a warm air vaporizer, mine has a place to put vicks oil (or essential oils) and then carried the vapor to loosen up the chest. She should be old enough for the vick's and sock trick. At bedtime slather the soles of her feet up with vick vapor tub then stick socks on (so your sheets don't get messy) and letter her sleep. Not sure why or how it works but it has worked EVERY time I have done it for them and for me.

    I pray baby is feeling better, ears are hard. If she still complains about the ears a warm compress on her bad ear works wonders. Rice in a little cloth bag, stick it in the microwave, perfect.