Sunday, March 18, 2012

Only 1

I absolutely love this and I am jumping right in. I know there is a need for diapers in the households of families with babies. I also know there are new moms all over our community tonight worrying about how they will afford such diapers and praying for help. Here's where we come in:
I've started a nameless- for-now diaper ministry and I'm going for it. I'm not working out the details. I'm not putting it off. I'm delivering diapers. Who needs some? And while I am there delivering them I think I will pray with these new mommies and love on them and offer encouragement because I certainly do NOT have expertise. If you would like to donate diapers to this cause AWESOME! I'll even come pick them up.

I know I'm filled to be emptied again. The seed I've received I will sow
Hillsong (desert song)

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