Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Run With Me: Week 4

How do you like my new blog look? Thank you Kreated by Kelsey!

This weeks running schedule is as follows:
Warm up: 5 minute walk
Work out: run 5 minutes walk 2 minutes repeat 3 times
Cool down: 5 minute walk
*remember to run 4-5 days this week*

I must admit that when I realized this weeks running time jumped from 3 minutes to 5 I was a bit intimidated. The first run of the week ended up being very challenging but felt so good mentally. I was able to set into a steady pace and felt very comfortable in my stride. With every run I feel stronger and am reminded of my love for the sport. Thank you Lord for the ability to run! I don't take it for granted!

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  1. I love the new look!
    We already talked yesterday so as you know it was hard yesterday. But we both did it! I am so glad we have each other!