Sunday, February 20, 2011


Almost 11 years ago I became a Christian and gave my life, heart, everything over to Jesus as my Lord. I remember my youth pastor praying and thanking the Lord for His perfect provision in our lives. Since I had never heard anyone use this word I had to go home and look up the word to figure out what Craig was thanking God for.

*Can you tell that I have a mother who told us to "look it up" when we asked what a word meant? Funny that I actually had to pull out the dictionary in all it's thickness, turn to the "P's", and search in tiny print for my answer. Our kids will have some fancy pants smart phone way to find out definitions but that's not what this post is about ;)

I woke up this morning 3 times to a screaming baby girl who was starving. I picked her up and found myself whispering in her ear, "I always feed you. Just give me a few seconds. I always feed you angel girl" That's when my spirit stilled. That's when I understood a little bit more about God's love. I can't imagine how many times in my life I've been crying or scared and God has whispered these things over me and i was unaware. He does have perfect provision in our lives & today I'm praising Him for it. I'm reminded of a praise song that always stills my heart too:
"You sing over me. When I am unaware"


  1. Thanks for sharing this Jenny. It always amazes me how such small things in life can make you stop and realize how amazing God's love for us is.

  2. So true! I love when those moments happen!

  3. Perfect Witness to His love!!!! Love you!!

  4. how beautifully said.. lovely.

    just simply so lovely.. thanks :)

  5. Sweet friend...perfectly said. You bless me.

  6. What a wonderful post! Gave me a mid day lift. Thanks Jenny