Wednesday, February 2, 2011

My Labor Story

My Labor Story

It takes a week to get "settled" in with a newborn. I finally feel like we have some sort of a routine.

Jenny H was by my side beginning on Tuesday, January 25Th at 6:30 PM she took notes the whole time (can you tell she's a labor & deliver nurse?) Here they are:

Jenny's labor story :)

January 25th:

1515 cervidil

2100 bathroom break, attempt to switch to wireless monitors

2120 ambien to help sleep

2125 nurse Monica says baby K will be 7#12oz

2135 dr Rutter comes and says hi

2145 mom & dad Childress here, Jenny eating smuggled pretzels :)

2155 ambien definitely kickin in

2215 childresses going home

2230 Jenny having crazy dreams

2315 baby K is SO happy!!

2350 turned to L side, feeling more contractions.. Baby K is as happy as ever!

Welcome to January 26th

0037 Kyle lies down to take a nap after he & Jenny H talk for a bit. More contractions and cramps tracing.

0100 nurse Helen in to check your vitals

0110 bathroom break, move to Right side, feeling funny post-ambien (water helps) :)

0330 cervidil out, 1.5/60/-2 exam by Monica

0440 pitocin start!! Yay!

0445 zofran for nausea. Double yay.

0640 much stronger contractions. Pitocin at 5 milliunits

0650 dr Rutter exam 3/50/-2!

0705 resting on right side to turn baby K some more. Breathing like a champ! Childresses here to see you

0820 epidural by dr getto (which worked perfectly)

0900 dr Rutter 3cm. Arom, clear fluid.

1230 haven't been moved since epidural placement.. Eesh! Turned to r side. Pitocin at 18.

1255 laughing like crazy with my family

1300 family at bedside.. Everyone is so ready to meet her!

1315 8cm/90/0!!! Yay! (Nurse exam) then to L side

1350 entire family now crying laughing We have fun!

1405 dr Rutter.10cm!!!

1420 catheter out- pushing started

1440 got the mirror. Can see her little head!!

1600 dr Rutter

1618 set up for delivery!

1624 baby girl KENNEDY KATE!

8 # 4.4 oz

20.5 inches

Kennedy Kate is placed on my chest and this is my first view of her!


  1. She's precious! Congrats!

    Love how you had the notes from the labor.

  2. congratulations!!! so glad everything went so well!

  3. hahaha! well... i wasn't charting like I normally have to, so this is my "friend-charting"

    I'm so happy we have those notes.. what a fun and lovely experience & I'm glad this will help us look back and remember little details instead of the crazy blur that labor usually is!

    love you!

  4. Congratulations! She is precious!

  5. HAHAA I LOVE the part about you smuggled pretzels! OMg Girl I was soooo hungry all I wanted was a burger from Wendy"s haha then the second I had Gia I was like ya GROSS Wendy's crazy how fast your cravings change! Congrats she is beautiful :)