Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Not Worth It

For the last..well since the Marathon in February I have been eating things like this:

On Monday Kyle and I made a change. We started at 63 day journey back to our healthy, fit, selves using the "Insanity" program from Beachbody. (Google it). Today we completed our 3rd workout and I am feeling great. I am ashamed to say that prior to Monday I was weighing in at 21 pounds over what I weighed on our wedding day in March of 2007. We have made several attempts to "try" to get back in shape but never committed to our goals. With beachbody we were able to have a coach who checks in on us daily to ensure that we have completed our workouts, a calendar charting our success, and a nutritional guide that we will not stray from.

We will complete Insanity on December 27th and remain healthy and fit through the holidays. I am excited about our new adventure and plan on keeping you updated with our success. When I am finished with this 63 day program I will post before/after pictures but not until I have the results will you see where I started from (unless you want to see and keep me accountable during this which case email me at and I will send you my before pictures so you can encourage me)

Please pray for me..I haven't craved chips and salsa yet but I know that the next 60 days will hold plenty of moments of temptation. It's not worth eating those crappy things pictured above if you have to go to this much Insanity to fix it. It's just not worth it!

Cheer me on!!


  1. I didn't stick to P-90X..i'm hoping to try and get back into it. Definitely have put on 10 pounds since we got married. Yay Me!! haha.

  2. *Cheering* You Go, Jenny!! I KNOW you can do it!! Love you!

  3. Right there with you.. starting in 3 1/2 days!