Saturday, August 8, 2009

It's Easier to Lose

When I ran track in High School I absolutely hated the 400 meter dash. Dash? I never understood why running a FULL lap around a track is considered a dash when the best time I ever clocked was 62 seconds (which is REAL quick when I think back to that now). In most track meets you have to run a preliminary race to make it to the finals. There would be several heats of girls 400m dash and I HATED waiting for the other girls to complete their dash so I could just get mine over with. Back then I would PURPOSELY lose in the preliminary race JUST so I did not have to run said DASH again later on in the track meet (if I made it to finals). Yes, that's right! I would quit trying and let people beat me so that I didn't have to work hard later on. 

I still wonder today what I could have done with that 400 meters. What if I would have put all of my effort into each stride? What if I could have run track in college if I would have wanted to work? What if then I wouldn't have student loans to pay for because I ran track and got a full scholarship? How much more passionate would I be about running? 

You see, I thought back then that it was much easier to lose. Give up. Not try. Quit on myself. 

I say all of this to say that today I went to a training for Fortune Hi-Tech Marketing at the Embassy Suites Hotel and Conference center in San Marcos, TX. Our trainer was Mr. Todd Rowland. Todd Rowland was introduced to Fortune Hi Tech Marketing as a high school teach and football coach 6.5 years ago. It took him 4 months to get to regional sales manager (it took us 6 months) but he kept showing everyone he knew. Last year, after persevering for 5 years, he began making just over 20,000 PER MONTH! He stuck with it another year. Stayed out late. Drove for hours. Answered the calls he didn't' necessarily want to take. Spent time away from his family. Missed TBall games and birthday parties. Last month (one year later) the check that posted to his account on July 20th was over 156,000 for one month. 

Is it really easier to lose? No way! 

I'm blessed that my husband Kyle saw what he saw on September 21st of 2007. I'm even more blessed that he prayed for me and waiting patiently for Fortune Hi-Tech Marketing to make sense to me. Nine months later we had made enough money with FHTM that we doubled on a monthly basis what I was bringing home as a teacher and I was able to make the decision to quit teaching and work together with my husband for our future. 

I'm a new me. It's not easier to lose.


  1. My Blessed and Beautiful Sister in Christ....I AM VERY PROUD OF YOU!!! As you grow closer to Christ; as your seasons change; I want you to know, I LOVE YOU!!!

  2. You are so right here. Today was a great day and I am so blessed that you have never given up on me not even for 2 seconds as I am following in your footsteps. Thanks for being our fearless leader. May we all be like you in Fortune when we grow up! Love ya Girl!

  3. This sounds wonderful Jenny. But one thing bothers me. Spending time away from family, missing T-ball games and birthday parties isn't something I would be proud of.

    Money is wonderful and it sure makes life easier, but when someone is on their deathbed I'd bet they're thinking about those missed T-ball games and birthday parties. Not the huge check they deposited.

    I just think there is a happy medium. It's wonderful you and Kyle get to do this together and you don't have children yet. You aren't sacrificing your family for the money.

    Anyways, all IMHO.

  4. Foursons,

    Todd Rowland also just got got back from a 30 day vacation in the Cayman islands with his whole family. I bet they remember that ;)

  5. I would rather sacrifice a 3 or 4 years of hardwork like Todd has, than kill myself working full time all the time for about 30 or 40 YEARS and for someone else at that. I feel very blessed and fortunate to be in Fortune also...following in your footsteps Jenny...Thanks!

  6. Yeah, I bet they do! There is a very tricky balance between life and work.