Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Houston Oh Houston

Monday: I made the 4.5 hour drive to Beaumont where I drive right past downtown Houston. We had 60 people at the Golden Corral as a team and the energy was great. I was on the road to my moms by 8:45 but didn't arrive at her house until almost 11:30 because of a wreck and construction just outside of Winnie (its normally just 1.5 hours to get there). All in all it was a great day and I am excited to have a new teammate in the Beaumont area to work with!

Tuesday: I slept in in my own old bed...so. comfy. went for a slow jog, made coffee/breakfast, showered and got ready for my date with Houston traffic court. Two months ago I got citations for speeding (70-60), following too closely, and failure to signal when changing lanes for a total of $550.00 in fines. I plead not guilty in court last month and had to reappear today for the trial by judge. He was impressed that I drove from Austin to see him (ha..I did not tell him I was already in town) and told me 2 stories about when he went to UT. I smiled as big as I could and acted very interested. Two of my citations were dropped and I just had to pay $200.00 and I  can't get any tickets for 90 days...whew...glad I didn't have to pay the full amount and totally worth fighting for. I was back at my mom's by 4 and we met my aunt candy, Evelyn, and my cousins for Mexican food. 

Wednesday: My plan is to work out, go visit my mom at her new school, present at the Houston meeting at 7:30pm, leave by 8:30, and be home to my husband that I am missing VERY much by no later than 11:30. 

Time for bed!

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  1. WOW.....Houston, Oh, Houston!!! I am glad that you are able to spend time with your Mom, I am sure she is enjoying her daughter's company. And you know the saying "Absence makes that heart grow fonder". I bet Kyle is just as eager to see you, as you are him.

    God, Please keep Jenny and Kyle safe while they are driving these long distances across Texas. Please, be with them as the come together tonight and rejoice in each other's love and embrace and know that You are the one for thier Holy Union. - Amen!!