Wednesday, December 24, 2008


That's what Stephanie Elizabeth McGilberry calls me. My old last name. I love that it now sounds foreign to me and that I have fully embraced the name of my wonderful husband. I got to see Steph  and Christina on Tuesday. We called it our Christmas party and had a blast.
"The Girls" (that's what I will call them because both of their first names are ridiculously long) and I became friends in youth group way back when. I think we were all Sophomore's in high school when we met but am sure I will get corrected if I am wrong. After graduating from SVHS in 2002 we all went our separate ways but have managed to stay close at heart! I love love love them! Steph teaches 4th grade in Marshall TX and Christina just returned from a 4 month long mission trip to Indonesia. I equate our friendship to the sisterhood of the traveling pants and nothing can separate us. 


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