Thursday, December 18, 2008

Be Ready

This mornings run was the worst one I have had so far. 
Mistake Number 1: Didn't eat anything before I ran...WHAT??? Who can run 16 miles (or even think about running 16) on an empty stomach. I was dizzy by mile 4. 
Mistake Number 2: I have been putting off getting new shoes. The tops of my feet were killing me by mile 6. 
Mistake Number 3: I let my mind get the best of me and was in desperate need of encouragement. I didn't make it the full 16 but I also did not prepare myself to run 16. I now CANNOT wait to join up with my new running team. Please pray that I will keep pushing it to the marathon. 



  1. Girl, you've GOT to get new running shoes. You could really injure yourself. You should go through 3 pairs of shoes in this process, so you should definitely be on pair #2 by now! Just some little words of wisdom...

    Also, know that you'll have good runs and bad runs. No biggie. You're definitely right at how much of a mental game it is. You can do it!

  2. keep it're doing great and God is going to give you the strength you don't haveto finish the marathon. =)