Tuesday, August 5, 2008


Something about rain can be quite inspiring. I awoke from a wonderful nap and finished my Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants book. It was great! The ending was refreshing and left me feeling accomplished. There is something special about finishing a book when rain is falling down outside. I wish it were still raining. Last summer if I had a wish such as this it would have come true the next day. Last summer it rained EVERY single day. I could almost time the first rain drop and would plan my daily runs in anticipation. 

Yesterday I cleaned out my classroom at Travis High School. I wouldn't call it exhilerating but there was something very final about the whole experience. Truth be told I really enjoyed teaching when it came down to it but I will not be sad when I get to sleep in on August 11th. So far I am enjoying the Network Marketing world and taking it as it comes. I find it pleasing to have a choice about what I want to do from day to day. I am finding great ways to stay motivated and enjoy that every day I get to help people gain more freedom. 

I am also very excited about GRACE ministries. Early last fall some fabulous women came to me about starting a ministry at our church specifically for girls. Last year we planned an event for every first Saturday of the month and I think the girls became overwhelmed. This fall we will kick off the school year with a movie night and snacks and will have other events quarterly throughout the year. I am excited because I now have more time available to serve with that ministry. 

I don't really have much else to tell you but that it just so happens to be raining again. I think I might start another book. 

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