Wednesday, January 11, 2012


*This week Kennedy got 4 new teeth! She now has 4 on top and 4 on bottom. So cute! She is getting even more lively by the day.
*This week we have had 4 meetings with 100% sign up rate
*This week I saw the 140's (149.8) for the first time since February 2009 (that was about marathon time)
*This week 4 of my old dresses sold on eBay for a total of $64.00
*This week I've talked to or texted with a dear lovely friend 4 days in a row
*This week the Lord has revealed 4 people I need to talk to soon to move forward with ministry
*This week we received 2 cards from our church, 1 Facebook message, & 1 phone call letting us know we are covered in prayer (that equals 4)
*I've gone to sleep before midnight 4 nights in a row
*Tomorrow we have 4 meetings scheduled and I know they will be great too
*AND tomorrow Lindsey & Landon get here (well to my dads in Seguin) for 4 whole days!

Count your blessings for the week so far! What pattern have you seen this week? God has a glorious plan for you. Drink Him in & be present in every moment.

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