Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Fab Five

I love the following 5 books and think you will too:
In no particular order

The Search for Significance helped me process who I am and who I need to become by putting the Lord first. I think everyone should probably read through this book once a year :) The author urges us to enjoy the moment we are in. My friend Christina reminded me about this book and I'm so glad!!!
Three Weeks with my Brother is a true story written by Nicholas Sparks that is an easy read and exciting. That man has had an unbelievable life.
Safe People is tough to read. I am now on chapter 3 and finding out that I am unsafe in some ways and so are some of the people around me. I must search my heart and soul (or better yet allow the Lord to search my heart and change me) so that I can first become the person that I need to be. A MUST READ FOR EVERYONE!!!!
I lost over 10 pounds following The Eat Clean Diet in the fall of 2007. I'm back to it and have now lost 6 pounds. The hardest part is the coffee thing...I'm not supposed to use creamer. I feel much stronger and lighter from eating this way and there is even a recipe for "clean" cookies!
You all know what The Runner's Handbook has done for me. I'm back to the pages in this book for yet another fall running season. My first race is about 5 weeks away! 

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  1. Great Books....okay the last one...I will never read. Sorry, Jenny..I tried the running thing and it is HARD. I would rather walk fast than run. But the other books....I will look into. Thanks for sharing!!! ***LOVE YOU***