Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Yesterday Today Tomorrow

Yesterday was really fun! I got to hang out with Becca Taylor and go through a chapter on Friendship in our Girls of Grace book. We had a great time! I am glad to know her AND that we get to meet again next week! Last night after the weekly business meeting in San Antonio I got to see Josh and Daniel Wright and it was wonderful to see them and catch up. When we left there Kyle and I stopped by Jim's to get midnight birthday pancakes! GREAT!

Today is Kyle's 29th birthday! I will post pictures tomorrow! We woke up and went to work out and came home and had a great breakfast ( I tried to get him to let me cook it for him since it IS his birthday and all but he wouldn't let me). This afternoon has been restful. I am getting used to not having a job that I have to get up and go to. I think it will all settle in on the day I was supposed to go back to school. 

Tomorrow we are going to Stephenville. We have a wonderful team that is "moving and shaking" in the Fortune Hi-Tech Marketing world and we are happy to be able to help them out. Also, tomorrow we are getting a little addition to our family. Meet Stetson:

He is a one year old, short haired, declawed, fixed, beautiful cat! Stetson is from Stephenville and needs a good home. We are really excited for his arrival! 

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  1. I'm confused-are you or are you not getting a cat?